Product Information
Hot Stamp Foils are a remarkable state of the art decorating and labeling process, that permanently affix multi-colored Heat Transfer, Woodgrains, Holograms, Pigment or Metallic foils to thermo plastic substrates quickly and professionally. The end result is a complete environmentally friendly decorating system, which guarantees a colorful, durable high quality registered print to enhance your product.

Heat Transfers are custom printed labels that are used in the following industry:

Cosmetics Picture Frame
Automotive Housewares
Appliance Tool & Hardware
Toy Furniture
Writing Instrument and many more.......

Multi Colored Heat Transfers.....
Recreate any graphic art form from the simplicity of one color line copy to the complexity of a four-color reproduction. If you prefer, add extra demand colors, bright metallics and holograms - up to seven registered colors. Or you can mix finishes of satin, matt or gloss. Webtech's Heat Transfer Systems offers all these options, so that our customers have total design freedom.
Webtech can offer various printing methods such as Silk Screen, Gravure and Flexo so that our customers can achieve their desired results. Our in house Engraving/ Graphics Division allows us to maintain confidentiality and allows us to complete tooling and printing within 15 working days.
Webtech offers 13 pigment colors that are always in stock for immediate delivery. These colors are offered in various formulations for use in both graphics and plastic applications. Minimum orders of 24" x 400' are acceptable on stock foils.
In addition to our stock line of pigment foils, Webtech can custom color match any pantone or custom color that you desire. A minimum order for custom color matching is 24" x 15,000'.

For Plastics & MDF Board Applications
For over two decades, Webtech has manufactured colors and patterns, which capture and encompass natures' surroundings. Our high quality woodgrain, marble, floral and other continuous patterns, have been used on automotive panels, appliances, picture frames and furnishings. Our vast inventory of pattern foils is showcased by our catalog, which is actual hot stamping, of our products, not a graphic print. This displays what you will actually see on your finished product. If you can't find what you are looking for in our catalog, send us a sample and we will match it and send you a sample for your approval.
Webtech offers twenty-one shades of stock Bright Metallic Foils. These foils are sold in widths up to 25". Minimum orders are 400'. These foils are in stock for immediate delivery. Foils are designed for both graphic and plastic application. Custom shade matches can be made with minimum order requiremtns. Prints over Bright Metallics are also offered. Webtech can custom finish a Bright Metallic shade with any print with a width of 8". Imagine... custom foil prints with minimum orders of 8" x 5,000'.
Webtech offers a line of stock Diffraction Pattern Metallic Foils. Widths of 25". A dozen different patterns are available. With minimum orders, new patterns can be developed in shades that will dazzle the eye. Printed diffraction patterns are also available with minimum orders up to 8" x 5,000'.
Webtech's in house Engraving Group has the ability of engraving cylinders up to 72" in length. We can accept the artwork in any format and are able to complete the cylinder layout for you. Our Engraving Machine Group manufacturers steel cylinder bases for the industry also. We have quick turnaround and are very competitive.